About the Foundation

Amador Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of a group of distinguished members of the Panamanian community. Its objective is to develop and maintain a tropical center of biodiversity in the area of Amador, open to all residents of the world.

The Panamanian government took charge of the financial aspects of the project through the concession of a plot destined for the Biomuseo’s construction and the commercialization of the adjacent land plots. This way, crucial funds were generated to make this important project a reality.

The Biomuseo is also unconditionally backed by of one of the most prestigious scientific and cultural institutions in the world: the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), whose scientists have studied the land and marine habitats in Panama for over eight decades, with extraordinary findings.

“[This] project aims to raise awareness in Panamanian citizens of the fact that the natural and cultural history developed in and around the isthmus constitute the bedrock of their values and nationality to the point that their very own identity is tied to the conservation of the most extraordinary natural resources: water, forests, and the biodiversity that make up this exceptional environment”.

—Amador Foundation’s Mission Statement, July 2001.